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“I am because we are”


This project is about an established immigrant family living in the United States today. What triggered me to choose this topic is the ongoing immigration debate that has been headline news in the media for a while. Especially after the Trump travel ban, whether it was constitutional or not, I wanted to shed light on the concerns that most Americans have regarding the flow of immigrants into the country. By showing that legal immigrants who have been living in this country for almost four decades have contributed greatly to the diversity and success of America. And a reminder, that immigrants are America’s greatest pride.

Nagy El Far and his wife Faten immigrated to the United States in 1981 from Egypt. Raised two children and now have two beautiful grandchildren. Nagy is an electric engineer and Faten owns a small business, Timmy Transportation, where she takes children to and from school in yellow buses. I went to their home in New Jersey, amid the travel ban crisis and documented their daily routine, home interiors, and family.

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